Why the AzCDL Foundation?

The Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) spent the last 14 years restoring and protecting the right to keep and bear arms in Arizona through legislative lobbying.  Thanks to AzCDL’s efforts more Arizonans are exercising their right to bear arms than ever before.

After a court decision in 1990 that ruled that “concealed” carry was not protected under the state constitution, Arizona passed a concealed weapons (CCW) law in 1994.  This new law required 16 hours of training, along with testing, fingerprinting and a background check for a 4 year “permit” to allow your clothing to cover your firearm.

When AzCDL formed in 2005 only about 70,000 CCW permits had been issued

The AzCDL’s lobbying efforts at the Legislature succeeded in restoring the right of law-abiding adults to carry openly or discreetly without seeking government permission in 2010. The CCW permit still exist but is now optional. Additionally, reforms were made to the CCW permit process. The result has been a dramatic increase in permit issuance, despite no longer being required.

As of 2021, Arizona issued 397,731 CCW permits

Because of several other legislative reforms the AzCDL initiated or supported there are fewer restrictions on where and when you may carry a firearm.  Thanks to the AzCDL’s success at the Legislature, Arizona has earned the reputation for being the friendliest state for gun owners.

If we are going to continue to be successful in restoring and protecting our right to keep and bear arms  it is important to show that Arizona has the most responsible gun owners in America.  That is the mission of the AzCDL Foundation