Our Mission

The mission of the AzCDL Foundation is to encourage the
responsible exercise of the right to keep and bear arms by:

Promoting firearms safety, training, practice, and skill at arms.

The AzCDL Foundation will be conducting an ongoing firearms safety campaign about proper firearms safety, handling and storage and the importance of training, practice and skill at arms.  This includes sponsoring and supporting resources that promote firearms safety and training along with providing information on training organizations and opportunities.

Facilitating access to firearms training opportunities.

The AzCDL Foundation will facilitate access to organizations and individuals that provide firearms education and training.

We want the Foundation to become “the” resource for linking students to training and vice versa.  We also hope to be in a position to assist students and instructors financially.

Raising awareness of the constitutional and legal aspects of firearms possession, safety and use.

Firearms education includes understanding our right to keep and bear arms and what we need to do to protect that right.